Bay of Islands Diving

The reef diving in the Bay of Islands is volcanic with lots of swim throughs, caves and tunnels. We are lucky that we get a mixture of tropical and temperate fish life because of a warm current that washes our coast. We will often see Stingrays, Scorpion fish, Moray eels and big schools of plankton feeding fish like Demoiselles, Blue Mao Mao and Trevally.

Dive Rainbow Warrior- one of New Zealand premier wreck dives. The Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace’s flagship vessel. She was on her way to protest French Nuclear Testing on Muroroa Atoll when she was sunk by saboteurs on July 10, 1985 in Auckland Harbour.

Canterbury Dive- Former HMNZS lies in Deepwater Cove at the entrance to the Bay of Islands. 114 meters long she lies in one of the most stunning and sheltered locations in the Bay.

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